What Does Diamond Offshore Drilling Do?


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Diamond Offshore maintains a fleet of vessels and structures that are capable of drilling into the Earth from key locations in the ocean in order to access petroleum deposits and withdraw their contents. The company contracts its equipment and services out to corporations in the energy industry for use in various projects rather than process the material into fuels itself.

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Many companies within the energy industry rely on oil to create power for customers, which comes from naturally occurring petroleum that exists below the Earth's surface, both within the continents and in locations across the oceans. Diamond Offshore works with these energy companies to harvest the petroleum from deposits in oceanic regions through the use of specialized equipment and structures know as drilling rigs. An energy company that locates an offshore petroleum deposit is able to hire Diamond Offshore to build or transport one of its structures on top of it to harvest the resources.

After Diamond Offshore establishes its drilling rigs and drillships above the deposit, it builds a pipeline into the water until it reaches the ocean floor so that it may drill directly into it. The rigs use different processes to create an airtight seal on the deposit, remove excess ground and mud and pull the petroleum up from the ground in an ecologically safe fashion. As the rig collects the resources, it ships them off to the processing plants of the energy company for refinement and use in other projects.

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