What Is a Diabetes Specialist Called?

diabetes-specialist-called Credit: Ron Levine/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Endocrinologists have special training in the treatment of diabetes, although their expertise is not limited to diabetes, but to the entire endocrine system. An endocrinologist specializes in hormone secretion and regulation, tissue function and hormone-controlled metabolic events such as sleep and stress.

Treatment of diabetes often requires a large team of medical professionals. Most of the check-ups and prescriptions are done by the primary care physician. Primary care physicians often have a background in internal medicine or family practice. An endocrinologist should also be seen regularly, because this type of doctor has the specialized training and experience necessary to properly treat diabetes. The medical team may also include a dietitian to develop a proper diet to decrease symptoms and a podiatrist to care for the diabetes-induced nerve damage present in the extremities of diabetic patients.