How Do Developers Plan and Build a Subdivision of Homes?


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Developers plan and build a subdivision of homes by working with the property owners to determine the size of the size of the new land plot and the needs of the area, then choose a home style and begin building on the land as necessary. Some subdivisions only include a small number of homes, waiting to build more until there is buyer interest.

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Land subdivision is process the process through which the land owner takes an existing plot and redraws the lines to create a smaller section for use in a specific project, such as building a series of homes. It involves surveying the land and submitting details to the appropriate local authority to track the actual division of the land, as it requires compliance with different state and federal laws for property development and zoning. In many cases, the land owner meets with a developer to determine the scope of the homes before creating the subdivision to ensure the allocation of the appropriate amount of land.

After creating the new subdivision, the developers obtain the necessary permits to begin building residential properties. The developers also draft up plans for homes, typically focusing on inserting as many homes as possible in the space while allowing for varying levels of space for yards, streets and power lines. Some developers refrain from building all the homes on the land until there are guaranteed buyers, as this helps reduce the risk of losses on the investment.

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