How Do You Develop a Spec Sheet for a New Product?


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Develop a product specifications sheet by detailing the product's features and organizing the features into groupings that make it easier for the reader to understand. This allows a customer to evenly compare a product against its competitors.

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A specifications sheet details all the technical features of a product that make it desirable to its target audience. Begin by creating an initial listing of all the features that describe the product and product performance. This includes information about the product composition, what the product does, product performance under various conditions, any problems or issues the product addresses, and features that set the product apart from its competitors. Visual representations should aid Item descriptions when possible. For example, effective item descriptions include a product photo or sketch, while product performance is commonly demonstrated with the help of graphs.

Next, arrange the features into categories that the target audience finds most important. In some instances, the categories that must be included may be predetermined industry standards. This allows potential buyers to make an even comparison of similar products. For example, consumers looking to purchase a new computer are most likely concerned about features such as battery life, processing speed, storage capacity and cost, so computer specifications sheets typically include all of these categories.

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