How Do You Develop a Performance Improvement Plan?


Develop a performance improvement plan by working with the employee to define deficiencies in his performance, define attitudes that can best improve the deficiencies and set priorities for areas to be improved. Follow up with periodic reviews of areas identified as needing improvement.

  1. Define performance issues

    Work with the employee to list areas where performance is below par. These areas can include behavioral issues or lack of particular skills.

  2. Explain the expectations

    Explain to the employee the expected performance level. List the changes that need to be made for the employee to meet the employer's expectations. The expectations serve as standards against which performance is measured.

  3. Establish priorities, goals and time lines

    Prioritize the critical areas that need to be addressed. Encourage the employee to make realistic improvement goals, and then set deadlines for meeting those goals.

  4. Develop a method of evaluation

    Work with the employee to determine how and when his performance is going to be reviewed. Schedule periodic meetings to review challenges and successes that occur between reviews.

  5. Review the performance improvement plan with the employee

    Review the plan with your employee to make sure he understands it. Explain the consequences of his failure to meet improvement goals. Have the employee and his supervisor sign copies of the plan.