How Do You Determine What You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


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When deciding on a future career path, first consider all current hobbies, passions or talents, as these can indicate possible career opportunities. Narrow down the possibilities by researching educational requirements, income potential, job availability or advancement opportunities.

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In addition to having an interest or passion in a particular field of study, keep in mind that high school and college grades or performance, along with your aptitude for learning how to perform job tasks within this field, may influence opportunities. Some fields require specific grades or other demonstration of skills to advance into a graduate school or doctoral program. Other fields require you to complete hands-on training, internship or apprenticeship before you can look for employment. When choosing a career, evaluate what specific steps and course work will need to be executed to make certain goals possible. Consider how much time, money and effort you are willing to dedicate to achieving desired goals.

Aptitude tests can help you determine if you have the skills needed to pursue specific careers. These test provide information on various fields and skill-sets, and can sometimes introduce new career options you may not have known existed. Also, talking with a guidance counselor, parent, guardian or friend about career options may provide insights into your personality or skills you hadn't considered.

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