How Do You Determine the Value of a 1962 Roosevelt Dime?

determine-value-1962-roosevelt-dime Credit: Helen H. Richardson/Denver Post/Getty Images

The value of a 1962 Roosevelt dime is determined based on the condition of the coin. Currently, these coins are valued between three and seven dollars based on the condition. Having a coin appraised by a dealer is the best way to get an accurate price.

These prices are based on average prices from estate sales and auctions, certified dealers and coins sold by individuals.

Perfect condition would be considered a coin that does not show any flaws such as wearing down of the edges, scratches or fading. A dealer would be able to certify a coin as being in perfect condition and appraise it.

Poor condition would be a coin that shows more wear than a coin of that age would show. With normal wear, this coin is still appraised above face value based on the percentage of silver, which is ninety percent.

The value of these dimes is directly tied to the value of silver, so the value fluctuates based on the price of silver. The current price of silver, as of 2014, is $19.70 per ounce. The 1962 Roosevelt Dime weighs 0.0723 ounces, putting the silver melt value at $1.43. The minimum value you would receive is based on the current silver price at the time you attempt to sell.