How Do You Determine the Best Time to Sell a House?

How Do You Determine the Best Time to Sell a House?

The spring season is the best time to sell a house, explains and Spring tends to yield a higher sale price, better valuations and home appearance, more buyers and better personal finances, making it the best option.

Spring allows higher sale prices because it is the prime time of the selling season. Most buyers prefer to move during the spring and summer, causing them to purchase homes around this time. Due to buyer competition, this makes spring a good time for bidding wars on homes to ensue, sometimes even giving the seller a higher price than what was listed.

Homes also have better valuations in the spring because comparable houses sold in the neighborhood have higher listing and selling prices at that time. Alternately, homes tend to sell for less in the winter, causing comparable sales to drag down the neighborhood values.

Spring enhances home appearance and curb appeal due to bright spring colors and sunnier days, whereas the blandness of winter tends to lower the selling prices of homes. The longer days also allow more time for potential buyers to view homes.

Buyers tend to have better personal finances in the spring, increasing the chances that they may choose to buy homes at full price. This partly results from tax refunds coming in, explains