How Do You Determine Silver Coin Values?


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Determine the value of a silver coin by using the coin valuation tools on sites such as Coinflation.com or CoinApps.com, as of 2015. Alternately, research the values using an online price guide such as the one on CoinStudy.com or by comparing the coins to current and past prices on an auction site such as eBay.com.

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Coinflation.com offers a tool that allows you to choose from multiple different types of U.S. silver coins, ranging from the 1932 Washington Quarter to the 1971 Ike Dollar. After selecting the coin type from the drop down menu, enter the total number of coins from that denomination within your possession and the silver price, with the current market value automatically appearing in the tool. CoinApps.com features a similar tool, though it allows for the calculation of multiple coin denomination values within a single operation. The tool finds the melting value of the silver within the coins, but does not account for the value of any other metals present.

CoinStudy.com offers details about the current values of each type of U.S. silver coin, along with how to identify each coin through the obverse and reverse images and markings. To find the price of a coin through eBay.com, search the completed sales of its Coins section for the coin you are attempting to valuate. This displays all successful sales within a given time frame, showing you what buyers actually paid for the coins.

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