How Do You Determine a Property Line?


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Determine the property line for a home or businesses by referring the blueprints or the deed for the land, which typically outlines its full boundaries. You may also contact the assessor for your area to check official records or hire a professional surveyor to take new measurements of the land and mark the appropriate property lines.

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One direct method to find the property line for a piece of land is to check the documentation from its purchase, particularly the land deed. This is an official document that explains the full size and boundaries of the land, as land size is subject to state and local regulations to determine property taxes and other aspects. In some instances, you may also receive a land survey among other documents during the purchase of the home, which would outline all the property lines.

If you don't have a copy of the deed or the blueprints for the home, contact the assessor for your area and request a copy of the land survey on file. Some assessors may also make maps or other land measurement tools available online to the public, which would allow you to find the property lines on your own.

Another option is to hire a professional surveyor to measure your land and find the property lines. The surveyor should have the appropriate license to operate within your state and use official tools to take measurements and form the map.

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