How Do You Determine Prices for a Freight Shipment?


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Determine the prices for a freight shipment by cataloging the weight, size, quantity and classification along with the total distance it must travel and the time by which it must reach its destination. Present these factors to different freight shipping companies to discuss rates and potential discounts, as well as additional charges for fuel or paperwork processing.

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An important factor that determines the price of a freight shipment is the quantity of items in the order, as it directly determines the type of shipping necessary. If the shipment has multiple pallets, the sender may use a truckload shipping method, which has more standard rates. These freight shipping costs typically take into account the total number and combined weight of all the items in the shipment to establish a starting price, then add on additional fees for the distance and gas necessary for the travel.

If the sender has a small number of items, or several large items with excessive weight that make it impossible to send through other means, it requires a less-than-truckload shipping process. This process looks at the full dimensions, weight and density of the objects in the shipment to determine price. Other factors may include the type of item, such as a food product or chemical, as well as the presence of any tariffs or special paperwork required to transport the item.

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