How Do You Determine Where You Might Be in Five Years?


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People determine where they might be in five years through long-term goal setting and career planning, reports About.com. Because so many uncertainties stand in the way of achieving a goal, people must implement career planning step by step, according to Forbes.

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Long-term goals often include career objectives such as earning a degree, becoming established in a particular profession, moving upward in an organization by obtaining promotions or making more money, states About.com. Criteria that enhance the possibility of success in achieving goals include being realistic, setting deadlines, remaining positive, planning specific actions and maintaining flexibility. Career planning helps focus goal setting, and it involves a process of self-assessment, study of various occupations based on interests and talents, realistically matching personal aptitudes and situations with possible careers, and taking action after making a career choice.

There is seldom a straight and easy path to a career goal because of the many unpredictable obstacles that typically arise, reports Forbes. Goal setting often involves choosing a direction and then creating a strategy to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Although long-term planning is important, sometimes people in pursuit of a goal must learn from mistakes and circumstances and reassess progress and direction after each step.

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