How Do You Determine Garage Sale Pricing?


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Determining garage sale pricing requires following the "one-third" rule, researching item values and pricing items slightly higher to allow room for bickering, notes Money Crashers. When determining garage sale pricing, sellers can also consider pricing items in lots.

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Determining what to ask for items can be tricky, according to Money Crashers. Price garage sale items using the ideas below.

Many successful garage sale hosts go by the "one-third" rule, which means pricing everything at one-third its original cost. If an item originally cost $100, then it would be priced for around $30. This is particularly true for items in good condition.

Be armed with information about the going price of items by researching similar items at other garage sales. Base prices on going rates at other sales.

Determine asking prices, and then add a little bit to pad the price, which allows for bickering. This ensures you get the real asking price of the item while the shopper walks away thinking he got a bargain.

When selling multiple items of the same type, consider pricing in lots. For example, when selling DVDs, offer them for a certain price each or a slight discount if the customer buys a multiple number of DVDs.

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