How Do You Determine Eligibility for Medicaid in Illinois?


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Individuals seeking Medicaid coverage in Illinois can inquire with DHS via phone or in person to determine eligibility, according to the Illinois Department of Human Services. Medicaid eligibility is also available on the state's website and the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website at HealthCare.gov.

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Medicaid eligibility is often determined based on household size, disability, family status and income, explains the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. States may have expanded eligibility requirements that cover all low-income adults.

In Illinois, a person is typically eligible for Medicaid if she meets the financial criteria, has children under the age of 19 or is pregnant, blind, disabled or 65 or older, states the Illinois Department of Human Services. Applicants must also meet residency requirements and show proof of citizenship. Children may not have to be citizens to receive Medicaid coverage.

Individuals can apply for Medicaid by contacting a DHS Family Community Resource Center, notes the Illinois Department of Human Services. Some residents may qualify for cash and food stamps in addition to medical assistance based on income, age, family status or disability status. Individuals receiving Medicaid coverage may be eligible for medical care and prescriptions approved by the state.

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