How Do You Determine the Current Value of US Treasury Bonds?


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To determine the value of a U.S. Treasury bond, visit the TreasuryDirect website and enter information including bond series, denomination, serial number and the date for which you want to calculate the bond's value. Click on the Calculate button to retrieve the current value of the bond.

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On the TreasuryDirect website, select whether the bond is an E, EE or I Series U.S. savings bond. Enter the denomination of the bond, the serial number, and the date the bond was issued. TreasuryDirect offers a bond diagram for people who have difficulty finding information on their savings bonds. Click the Calculate button to receive the current value of the bond along with additional information that may have affected the bond's value. TreasuryDirect offers an inventory tool for people who search for the values of multiple bonds and wish to save previous results.

Results from the TreasuryDirect bond calculator include additional information such as the interest rate and amount of interest the bond has accrued. When applicable, the bond calculator includes information regarding the next accrual date for the bond, as well as the final maturity date of the bond. It also indicates if the bond is no longer accruing interest because it has matured, if it is not eligible for redemption, and whether there are penalties associated with cashing the bond.

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