How Do You Find Details on Your Medicaid Case?


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An applicant can check the status of his Medicaid application and case by visiting his state's individual Medicaid website, according to HealthCare.gov. Applicants can also call their local offices or schedule in-person appointments. General information about the Medicaid program is available at HealthCare.gov, which has hyperlinks listed that guide applicants toward the appropriate state websites.

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While Medicaid is a Federal program, each individual state runs the program. Medicaid helps to provide affordable health care to individuals with low income, and each state establishes its own guidelines and eligibility based on family size, disability, age, income and other factors, notes HealthCare.gov.

Children, the elderly, disabled individuals and pregnant women are generally the people who frequently qualify for Medicaid coverage, explains Medical News Today. Benefits include preventative care, physician visits, health screenings, and dental and vision care. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, oversees the Medicaid program.

As of 2015, some states have chosen to expand Medicaid coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act. Each state that has taken this measure has a table that lists the income guidelines for eligibility at HealthCare.gov. Applicants can also learn more about state eligibility guidelines and enrollment polices at Medicaid.gov.

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