What Are the Details in a Basic Roommate Agreement?


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The basic details in a roommate agreement include rent, utility and chore responsibilities, behavior and noise guidelines, food sharing information, and details about moving out. Many roommate agreements also include information about who tenants can invite over as guests and how long those guests can stay.

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What Are the Details in a Basic Roommate Agreement?
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The most important information on a roommate agreement is the financial details. The agreement should be very clear about what each tenant's rent obligation is, as well as how much each has to pay for utilities. If someone breaches the agreement, financial obligations are typically the only legally binding parts of the contract.

Roommate agreements usually feature details about who is responsible for what chores. Chore information is usually not very detailed and typically consists of simple weekly or monthly requirements for cleaning and other household tasks.

The agreement may also contain food-related information, such as whether food is shared between the tenants or whether each tenant is responsible for her own food. Food information may also include details about whether pots, pans and other cooking utensils are shared or for individual use.

Move-out information typically includes basic move-out responsibilities for tenants who move out once the lease expires and requirements for tenants who move out before the lease expires. In the latter case, the roommate who is leaving may be required to find a replacement tenant before moving out.

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