How Do You Detail Recruitment Strategies in a Business Plan?


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Detail recruitment strategies in a business plan by outlining the specific tactics for sourcing the new employees, such as posting on job sites or advertising in trade publications, along with the goals for filling positions across different time lines. Also include the available budget for the recruitment process as well as guidelines for talent standards.

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Recruitment strategies are often part of the growth section of a business plan, wherein a company outlines its plans and strategies for increasing revenue and scope over time. The recruitment strategy specifically relates to the process of hiring new employees, which means it must be in line with the company's plans to expand or create specific departments. As such, the first step is to create a time line for each recruitment goal, such as hiring 50 new employees by the end of the year or growing the marketing department by a set percent each quarter. This creates both a road map for activities and builds accountability into the process.

The plan should feature specific actions for finding candidates, including the names of any websites or services the company plans to use for the procedure. Whenever possible, the plan should include exact numbers to use as benchmarks for tracking success versus output. The plan also must contain the available budget for each phase of recruitment, including the payment for employees as well as the cost of posting on sites or hiring recruitment firms.

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