What Are Desirable Management Skills?


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Some of desirable management skills include teamwork, commitment, confidence, initiative and time management. Managers with such skills lead successful departments or teams. Organizations hire managers that can motivate their workforce and get the best out of them.

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Teamwork is the ability to work with others on a group task. Making positive contributions to a task and bearing the responsibility for any outcome illustrate teamwork.

Confidence is a very desirable trait in a manager. A confident manager is sure of his ability and has the nerves to handle any tough situations that may arise in the workplace. Such a manager gives the team and the organization direction in difficult situations.

Commitment is a desire to see through a project to its completion. A manager should oversee some of the organization's core projects. Commitment to these projects means the company will record higher completion and success rates.

Having initiative means not waiting for someone else to handle a problem. A manager with initiative deals with an issue that is within his scope or finds another person in case the issue falls outside his competence levels.

Time management is crucial for a manager to achieve success. A manager's ability to prioritize various tasks and multitask is attractive to any employer.

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