How Do You Design Sales Order Forms?


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Design sales order forms by choosing a word processing or spreadsheet program and creating sections for the name of the client, the order's creation date and the contents of the order, as of 2016. The form also needs to include details about the total cost of the order, the cost of shipping and the shipping address.

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A sales order form allows a company to track the specific items a client wishes to purchase so that it may fill the order and create an appropriate invoice for the charges. Creating such a form begins by choosing the appropriate program, as spreadsheets allow the company to calculate values automatically but do not have the same visual design options as a word processor document. In either case, the form must have a section at the top that accommodates the name and contact information of the client as well as the name of the company and a sales order tracking number.

The bulk of the form consists of multiple rows and columns to track the individual items within the purchase. Each row also includes a space to track the total quantity of each item and the price per single unit. The final column in this section is for the total cost of all the units of each item. At the bottom of this section, the form includes a section to calculate the total cost of the entire order along with the cost of any taxes or shipping fees.

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