How Do You Design and Print an Envelope for Free?

How Do You Design and Print an Envelope for Free?

How Do You Design and Print an Envelope for Free?

Use Microsoft Word to design and print envelopes for free, using the program's envelope tool. Type the addresses and change the font. Make sure the printer settings are correct.

  1. Go to Word's envelopes tool

    Open Microsoft Word. To open the program's special envelope tool, click "Tools" followed by "Letters and mailings." Then click the "Envelopes and labels" button. In more recent versions of Microsoft Word, the envelope button is located under the "Mailings" tab.

  2. Type in the addresses

    In the dialog box that appears, there are fields for the delivery address and the return address. Type addresses into these fields.

  3. Change the font

    Click on the "Options" button in the envelope dialog box. Click on the "Font" tab and choose a font for each address. Click "OK" when you have picked the fonts you want to use.

  4. Change the envelope size

    Click on the "Options" button in the dialog box, then click the "Envelope options" tab. Use the drop-down menu to pick a standard envelope size or make a custom-size envelope. Select how far from the edges of the envelope you want to position your return and delivery addresses. Click "OK" when you're done.

  5. Change the envelope feed options

    Click on the "Printing options" tab in the envelope options dialog box. Choose the feed method for the envelope. The feed method tells the printer which way the envelope is going to be fed into the printer, so it prints the text in the right position. Click "OK" when done, and print the envelope.