How Do You Design Your Own Coupons?


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To design your own coupon, use Microsoft Publisher to insert words and pictures in the already available templates. After designing the coupon, switch on a printer and print the coupon.

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Open Microsoft Publisher. In the search field, type in the word "coupon" and press Enter in order to select a template of your preference. Replace the text in the coupon by deleting or highlighting and writing over it. Add other necessary information, such as address and contacts. To add a logo, click Insert at the top of the page, select Picture, search and insert the copy.

To design with Paint, open the program, click the Paint button select Properties, type in measurements of your choice in the height and width fields, and open the paint canvas by pressing OK. To draw the coupon, click Rectangle at the top of the page. Choose a black color by clicking the black square with the label: color 1, and draw a rectangle within the borders of the canvas. Choose a new color for the text clicking on the icon Colors. On top of the working sheet, click A, select Coupon, choose your preferred font and text size, and then type all necessary information in the coupon, not forgetting to indicate where the coupon is applicable and whether the coupon is transferable.

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