How Do You Design Open House Invitations?


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Open house invitations can be designed by hand or electronically and should focus on simple and direct wording that both provides relevant information and encourages an informal atmosphere. To reach a larger number of recipients, hosts should design and deliver both paper and electronic invitations.

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Paper is the classic format for an open house invitation. Hosts should choose a pleasant color for the card stock of the invitations, and they should choose a design that complements the open house theme. They can decide to use pre-printed stationery or design their own through a computer template. After designing an invitation with appropriate graphics and color, they should ensure they have enough properly-sized envelopes for all invitations.

Electronic invitations are also designed using computer templates and can be distributed through e-mail or social media. They may also use invitation websites to help monitor confirmations and other replies.

The language of the invitation should be easily understood, giving the host's full name and reason for the invite at the top of the invitation. Don't forget to include the date, address, a good contact number, and the hours of the open house. They may also wish to specify that guests need not bring a gift. Remember to send out the invitations at least two weeks in advance and to provide a map if the house is difficult to find.

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