How Do You Design a Free Flyer?

Design a free flyer by using the creating tools on sites such as, or, as of 205. Alternately, use a graphic design program such as Adobe Photoshop or a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to combine text, images and shapes to form a custom flyer. offers a straightforward flyer design tool that allows you to click on different design elements, such as stock images, text boxes or custom shapes, and drag them into place. It also offers tools for uploading your own images to use in the flyer, share the document digitally or download it for printing. The flyer creation tool on includes multiple templates suited for different types of events and options to customize each design. also offers options for uploading your own photos and adding text, including the option to rotate text and place it on any point in the page. The tool also lets you share the flyer directly to a Facebook account or Fan Page.

To create a flyer in Adobe Photoshop, create a blank document with a size that matches your needs, such as a standard letter size. The program contains tools for placing text, incorporating custom images and drawing unique shapes onto the canvas. It also allows you to freely draw using the Paintbrush tool. To create the flyer in Microsoft Word, open a new document and choose from the list of available flyer templates. Alternately, use the drawing and formatting tools to add color and text sections.