How Do You Design Custom Real Estate Signs?


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When designing custom real estate signs, consider the color scheme, layout and information that needs to be included. It shouldn’t be too busy or packed with wording, but it also needs to have some variance in font and colors.

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To choose a good color scheme, go with the colors of the real estate agency. This helps home buyers automatically associate the color scheme with a real estate agency they are familiar with. There should only be a couple different colors on the sign to make it eye-catching but easy to read. A good real estate sign has a solid color in the background, a logo and a legible phone number. A photograph of the real estate agent can also be included, even if it is a small picture; this isn’t mandatory in most cases.

For the fonts and layout, consider how it looks up close and to people walking or driving by. Many people find out about homes for sale from the sign on the lawn only, so it needs to be seen from a distance. The logo should not be as prominent as the phone number, real estate agent information, and other details such as the price and number of bedrooms.

Choose between different styles of real estate signs, such as the H-frame stake sign, metal frames and simple post signs.

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