How Do You Design a Business Meeting Agenda?

To design a business meeting agenda, open a new document in a word processing program or a spreadsheet software and begin to add sections for the meeting. At the top of the document, add a place for the date, the place where the meeting is held and the names of all in attendance. Build a table with five columns for the topics, goals, team members involved, strategy and the amount of time the topic is to be discussed.

Title the table either by date or upcoming event plan. The first table is labeled topic because this section includes each topic that needs to be discussed during the meeting. Leave some spaces blank for issues that arise during the meeting. In the goals column, write the desired outcome of the topic discussed. The team column lists the names of the people who are responsible for discussing the topic or leading the project.

The strategy column is a collection of notes about how to address the topic. If it is a new topic, the strategy for the meeting is to brainstorm solutions, while a topic that is being discussed again may need a decision or review. The time column is a predetermined amount of time the topic is to be discussed so that the meeting does not run over an allotted time. Save a blank template for future use, but save the current document with a file name such as, "Meeting Agenda_2015_10_21" to make a particular meeting's notes easy to locate.