How Do You Design Assessment Forms for Your Company?


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Design assessment forms for your company by determining the purpose of the form in order to create a list of the appropriate categories, picking a program to use for the creation and inserting the necessary fields through its formatting options. It is also possible to modify a template through a word processing or graphic design program, which allows you to start with basic format and content.

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Creating an assessment form begins with identifying the specific reason for its use, such as in an employee performance review or a risk and threat assessment, as each circumstance calls for a different set of questions and requirements. Employee assessment forms are a common type of form for companies, typically including sections to track the name and position of the employee, rate her performance in job-specific tasks and log feedback for possible improvements. These forms can include a set of standard review sections applicable to all employees along with open segments managers can customize for specific positions.

Regardless of the type of assessment form, the actual design process typically takes place in a word processing or graphic design program. Word processing programs require users to place text by inserting page breaks and modifying margins, whereas graphic design programs support placement of text and images at any point on the document. The forms should include instructions for each section, adequate space to write answers and a consistent font type throughout.

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