How Do You Describe Your Strengths in a Resume?


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Strengths listed on a resume should begin with job-related skills and qualities but should also include highlights that are not typically associated with current or desired employment. Having a well-rounded strengths profile makes candidate come across more human, relatable and real.

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A resume should include only positive information, readily verifiable and presented in a frank manner. A resume that portrays a candidate to be a jack-of-all-trades makes them come across as conceited and over-qualified. When it is time for an interview, the person conducting the interview expects a potential employee to demonstrate and back up what is mentioned in each section. To seem relatable during an interview, confident and capable, mix in a few minor weaknesses after the strengths, depending on what the interviewer asks. This allows an interviewee to come across as a real person who knows what they are capable of and also what they seek to improve.

Highlight job-related skills first, and then branch out to general strengths afterward. Every single employer on the planet is happy to have an employee with positive and strong interpersonal communication skills. Highlight different work ethics, ability to get things done in an efficient manner and your dedication to responsibilities. These are the types of things that all employers desire in a prospective employee.

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