How Do I Describe the Reason for Leaving a Previous Job If I Was Fired?

describe-reason-leaving-previous-job-fired Credit: Cultura RM/Leonora Saunders/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

According to, it is important to be honest when describing the reason for leaving a previous job, especially when it involves getting fired. This is because an employee’s previous employer can disclose the reason for the termination, and potential employers can also check references. It helps to maintain a favorable relationship with a previous employer.

It is also essential for an applicant to provide a reason that matches the reason that his previous employer gives when asked by potential employers. This builds credibility and trustworthiness. Furthermore, mentions that the best way to answer questions regarding termination is to answer them briefly and directly in order to move on smoothly to the rest of the interview. The answer must be simple, and the applicant must not point blame or speak badly about his previous employer. It is good to be positive and to give the interviewer an impression of enthusiasm and honesty. Additionally, it helps to mention successful achievements in the previous job.

According to, a good way to minimize the potentially negative effects of being terminated is to explain properly how the experience has given the employee wisdom about himself and his abilities. Through this, a prospective employer understands that the applicant has critically evaluated both sides of the situation, which is more impressive to the prospective employer.