How Do You Describe Organizational Skills for a Teaching Position?

For a teaching position, the organizational skills of time management, advance planning, lesson design, classroom design and classroom management are important. Teachers who have mastered these organizational skills have the organizational tools they need to run an effective classroom.

Time management includes skills in pacing an individual lesson and an entire school day as well as staying on task and keeping students on task. Mastering time management ensures that students are where they need to be at the right time and that lessons are completed in a timely manner. Advance planning starts outside the classroom by learning about the students, their families and their neighborhoods. Systematically acquiring this information helps teachers bond with their students and develop better student-centered lessons. Advance planning also encompasses being prepared for unexpected events and ready to transition smoothly to alternate plans when problems arise.

Lesson design skills keep units organized so that lessons flow logically and learning goals are met. Classroom design skills create an uncluttered learning environment that allows students to concentrate. Supplies are organized in a way that makes everything easy to find when it is needed. Classroom management includes both a plan for handling student-initiated disruptions and behavior problems, and comprehensive policies to prevent behavior issues before they start.