How Do You Describe the Ideal Company?

The CV Centre recommends answering this common interview question with honesty, but the answer must match the organization to which a prospective employee is applying. The easiest way to answer this question is to identify the best attributes of the prospective employer and build the description around those qualities. This question is usually asked in a job interview to determine whether the prospective employee fits with the company.

When asking to describe the perfect employer, the interviewer seeks to establish how well the person being interviewed might fit into the organization. This approach raises the question of why a company would hire a job applicant who states that the company is not his ideal employer. An example of a good answer to this question might describe a large yet growing company with a solid reputation within its sector or a company that offers plenty of scope for progression within its hierarchy.

A job interview raises another related question when asking applicants about their ideal jobs. According to Ashley Ellis, what an interviewer wants to hear is what keeps the employee motivated and happy. Normally, interviewers expect applicants to say that they intend to remain within the same professions or advance in their present fields.