How Do You Describe Your Dream Job?

To describe his dream job, an individual creates a job profile that contains all the aspects of his ideal job and match the job profile to a specific position. A person should describe the most enjoyable responsibilities within the job profile of a dream job.

An individual should consider the ideal working conditions such as working in one location or across multiple locations. A person may prefer to work as part of a team or in isolation, which should be included in the dream job profile. An individual may prefer to work for a small or medium-sized company, which allows him to have greater influence over the company's decisions. Another person may prefer to work for a large multinational organization that has many opportunities for advancement. A person may prefer a management position, while another may avoid such a position because of the extra responsibilities.

A person should list his personal strengths and focus on a position that utilizes such strengths instead of a position whose responsibilities depend on his weaknesses. An individual should align his talents and ambitions with the needs of the current job market when searching for an ideal job. A person could consider becoming self-employed, after conducting market research to determine if there is a need for his product or service.