How Do I Describe My Customer Service People Skills?

The key to describing customer service skills to a prospective employer is to use action words while focusing on a core set of skills that address the needs of the employer. These include good listening skills, patience in challenging situations and the ability to handle angry customers. The description of these customer service skills in a way that demonstrates responsibility is vital to the success of a job candidate.

Experts at Houston Chronicle advise that the description of customer service skills must clearly highlight core customer service skills. This should be evident in every job listed in the employment history of a prospective employee. Each job description should have at least one or two different customer service skills that indicate a diverse set of skills, rather than just a single attribute. Instead of using the general term “customer service skills,” the descriptions should mention specific customer service skills, such as handling customer disputes over the phone. It is important to state the strongest skills at various points throughout the description, using different words and preferably using different scenarios to showcase valuable experience. The scenarios in the description should emphasize the strongest skills, such as dealing with angry customers and resolving issues without having returned products or cancelled orders.