What Is the Departure Tax to Leave Mexico?

The departure tax to leave Mexico is a fee issued by the country of Mexico to all noncitizens who are leaving the country. The tax hovers around $65, according to Riviera Maya Holidays, and can be thought of as a type of visa tax that pays for the FMM form (tourist card) that was put on all visitors' passports upon entering the country.

Many different countries, including Mexico, China, Austria, Brunei, Ecuador and Germany, issue a departure tax for people who are leaving the country. While some countries only tax those leaving by air, Mexico taxes everyone who is leaving the country except Mexican citizens, noncitizens who have a permanent residence in Mexico and anyone with a simple connecting flight from an airport in Mexico. The tax is not necessarily a tax to leave the country but is instead a fee for the visiting visa.

The prices for the Mexican departure tax vary but are typically between 300 pesos and 1,000 pesos, which is about $20 to $65. Many hotels in Mexico have a concierge service that can help determine the latest fees. Sometimes United States airlines that have flights going in to Mexico add the price of the departure tax to the ticket, states Riviera Maya Holidays, which means that buyers of these tickets do not need to pay the departure tax when they leave.