What Are Denver Area Zip Codes?

What Are Denver Area Zip Codes?

The zip codes of the Denver metro area all fall between 80001 and 80603. Apart from the city of Denver itself, this area also includes 40 smaller cities, among them Lakewood, Arvada, Thornton, Littleton and Aurora.

As of 2015, the city of Denver is made up of a total of 73 zip codes, among them 80012, with its highest being 80299.

The city of Lakewood, which is just west of Denver, has 11 zip codes that range from 80123 to 80401. The highest-numbered zip codes in the Denver metropolitan area are in Golden, Colorado in the metropolitan area's far west; its five zip codes go as high as 80439. Arvada, Colorado, a city immediately northwest of Denver, is home to the lowest-numbered zip code in the metropolitan area, 80001; its eight zip codes extend as high as 80403.

Brighton, Colorado, in the Denver metropolitan area's far northeast corner, contains just three zip codes: 80601, 80602 and 80603. In the metropolitan area's far east side lies the city of Aurora, which contains zip codes ranging from 80010 to 80247.

The city of Parker, Colorado lies in the Denver metropolitan area's southeast corner, and is home to just two zip codes, 80134 and 80138. The area's far south contains the smaller, adjacent cities of Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree, Colorado, which range in zip code from 80112 to 80163.