Are There Any Dentists in Michigan That Accept Medicaid?


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There is a large number of dentists that accept both children and adults on Medicaid, such as Lenawee Dental Clinic Inc. in Adrian and Covenant Community Care Dental Center in Detroit. Both the Medicaid Dentistry website as well as the Michigan Department of Community Health offer tools to find a dentist that accepts Medicaid in a specific area.

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Medicaid is a social health care program in the United States that is in place to help low-income individuals get healthcare. The Medicaid program uses tax money to help pay for medical expenses for individuals who are in need of medical care, but are unable to pay for the bills themselves. Each state gets to determine who within their jurisdiction is eligible for Medicaid, which leads to some states being more lenient and having a lot of citizens on Medicaid while other states are more strict and do not have a strong Medicaid program.

Dental work is also covered by Medicaid. Minors who are on Medicaid are covered for all regular treatment and preventative measures performed by dentists, but it is harder for adults to get dental work done on Medicaid. Many private dental practices do not accept Medicaid, but fortunately there are resources online, such as the Michigan Department of Community Health, that aid individuals in finding dental programs that accept adults on Medicaid.

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