Are Dentists Covered Under Amerigroup Insurance Plans?

AmeriGroup insurance plans are funded through the Medicare and Medicaid programs, but these programs do not cover dental services directly. Dental coverage for AmeriGroup, Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans are offered through DentaQuest instead.

Aside from a few select Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare does not cover dental services unless the dental service is required to treat an individual's overall health or is part of a treatment for an issue that Medicare does cover. Such issues include a routine dental exam conducted for a kidney transplant or heart valve installation, oral cancer or jaw surgery. Medicare also covers hospitalization services required for dental related emergencies, such as an infection from a tooth extraction. Medicaid provides partial and complete dental coverage for children under the Children's Health Insurance Program, but coverage for adults typically only extends to emergency cases.

Individuals that have Medicare or Medicaid insurance plans through AmeriGroup may use the Members directory on the DentaQuest official website to learn more information about how their individual states handle dental coverage. Individuals may also use the website to find a list of dental providers in their states that accept DentaQuest insurance plans from Medicare and Medicaid insurance policy holders and may search for additional coverage options.