How Do You Find Dentists Who Accept Aetna Coverage?

To search a list of dentists and dental practices that accept Aetna insurance, visit the Aetna website at While a public directory is available, the company recommends using the client login option for customized results.

The online directory is a comprehensive resource that gives Aetna customers the contact information for providers, as well as details on the specific insurance plans accepted by each provider, explains Aetna. To access the directory, choose your coverage type from a list of Aetna products, including Medicare and Medicaid. After logging in to your account or selecting the public directory option, you are required to answer a series of questions relating to your location and the type of dentist you are seeking, with options for Primary Care or Specialist.

A list titled Healthcare Professionals provides click-through options, while the main search box at the top of the page allows you to search by name, specialty, procedure or condition, along with the city/state or ZIP code. Once the search is complete, the provider list appears, along with contact information and a link to a list of which AETNA plans are accepted by each provider. The website states that updates are made to the content six days a week. However, it recommends confirming coverage directly with the provider or practice.