What Are Some Dental Plans Offered by Starmount Life Insurance?

What Are Some Dental Plans Offered by Starmount Life Insurance?

There are four dental plans offered by Starmount Life Insurance, as of 2015. These include Dental Preferred Provider Organization plans, often referred to as PPO plans, as well as Fee Schedule plans, Cleaning Only plans and Qualified Dental plans.

The PPO plans from Starmount provide customers with access to a network of providers. When a customer visits an in-network dentist, he typically receives full coverage for preventive services, states Starmount. Other plans may coverage a percentage of the cost for the procedures.

The Fee Schedule plans allow subscribers to receive coverage for services from any dentist. However, Starmount explains that customers pay less for dental services if they visit an in-network dentist. Customers receive coverage based on a scheduled amount for reimbursement per procedure.

The Cleaning Only plans cover a percentage of the cost for cleaning and examining teeth. Customers are covered for a maximum of two times per year, notes Starmount. The customer who uses the in-network dentist pays less for the procedures.

The Qualified Dental plans are federally approved plans that include services for children up to the age of 18, according to Starmount. The customer is able to choose a plan for only the child, the child and an adult, or the entire family. As with the other coverage plans there is less out-of-pocket cost if the customer uses an in-network dentist.