How Do You Get Dental Insurance?


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One of the easiest ways to get dental insurance is to sign up for the plan offered by an employer or spouse's employer. Many employers offer dental insurance as a part of a benefits plan. Signing up for dental insurance can be as simple as talking to the human resources department about which options the company offers.

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Another way to get dental insurance is to purchase a plan from an insurance provider. Insurance providers can be government-sponsored, offered through employers, or independent of any third party.

In the United States, consumers have the ability to purchase dental insurance through the Healthcare Exchange that is a part of the Affordable Care Act. There are some plans that include dental coverage as a part of health insurance. There are also separate plans that are for dental coverage only, which can be beneficial to those whose employers only offer health insurance coverage alone.

Consumers can also choose to purchase dental insurance directly through an insurance provider such as Aetna, Cigna and other insurance companies. Another option is to work with an independent insurance agent to put together a plan that best fits the needs of the individual or the individual plus his family.

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