What Are Some Facts About the DeLorean Motor Company?

John Z. DeLorean founded the DeLorean Motor Company in 1975. The company only produced one model of car, the DMC-12, before it went into receivership in 1982.

DeLorean wanted to produce his dream car, one that would be safe, fun to drive and long lasting. Although DeLorean came from the United States, he established the DeLorean Motor Company's factory in Northern Ireland. While thousands of orders were placed for the cars, civil unrest and cash flow problems meant the company was placed into receivership by the British government. The original DeLorean Motor Company only produced around 8,500 cars.

Today, the DeLorean Motor Company name has been revived, although the new company has no connection to either the original or John Z. DeLorean's estate. The new company is based in Humble, Texas, and is a privately held corporation. It has a range of used DMC-12s for sale and also sells parts through affiliated dealers.

The current DeLorean Motor Company's assembled DMC-12s start at $65,500. The company had planned to start manufacturing electric DMC-12s by 2013; however, these remain in development due to legal problems. John DeLorean's widow, Sally, sued the company in 2015, claiming that it had illegally licensed the company's image and intellectual property to other companies. She also claimed that producing an electric DMC-12 would be illegal, as John DeLorean's estate still owns the design for the DMC-12.