What Is Dell's Mission Statement?

PC manufacturer Dell operates on the following mission: " ... To serve our customers with a single-minded purpose and drive the innovations that will help them achieve their goals." Adoption of the mission statement coincided with the company's announcement it would go from publicly held to privately held.

According to Engadget magazine, in a statement released to the press in September 2013 stating that Dell would become a private company, CEO Michael Dell announced the company's new mission.

Dell founded the company in the mid-1980s in Texas. It was not long before it became one of the largest tech companies in the world and one of the top PC manufacturers in the world.

In a January 2014 interview for Laptop magazine, Bobbi Dangerfield, Dell’s vice president of commercial sales operation reiterated the company's new mission statement, adding that the mission is aimed at helping people to accomplish more with their tech devices, whether they are at a child's sports game or working at the office.

According to Dell representatives, part of the company's mission is to offer not only devices that help people reach their goals, but financing to ensure they are able to afford to purchase the new devices.