How Do You Deliver a Safety Briefing?


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To deliver a safety briefing, explain a single workplace hazard, and explain the ways to prevent or avoid the problem, states the Society for Human Research Management. Each briefing should be no longer than 10 minutes, and the content should be relevant to the current season or situation. To emphasize that the company is serious about safety, the briefings should be given by authority figures in the company.

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During a safety briefing, the speaker should avoid generalities and boilerplate corporate-speak. Instead, the talk should include examples and lay out specific procedures that relate directly to the facility and company workflow, according to SHRM. Speakers can use visual aids to keep employees' attention and make the talk more memorable.

To help increase employee buy-in, safety briefings can include a sharing or discussion segment, states Industrial Safety and Hygiene News. The speaker might ask for questions or concerns, or request that each person share something they have done to ensure workplace safety. A briefing can also contain a quick update about the positive impacts of current safety procedures.

Physical demonstrations can be a powerful part of a safety briefing, according to the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences. The speaker can explain each point by asking an employee to demonstrate the correct procedure in front of the group.

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