How do you delete recent login activity from an online bank account?


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While logging in to your account, be sure any box on the screen that is prompting to remember your email or user name is not selected. You can also clear out your browser's cookies to make sure no information is saved. Keep in mind the process to clear your log in information varies greatly depending on your bank and Internet browser.

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Many Internet browsers offer the option of saving log in information for future purposes. If you do not want this to be saved, navigate to your browser's preferences or options screen. Find the security or privacy tab and the saved passwords section. From here, you can block the browser from storing any passwords or user names or delete saved passwords individually.

Deleting your browser's cookies, which store information, is an extra precaution to take. This is done much like deleting saved passwords. Navigate to your Internet options and then to your browsing history which displays all websites you have visited. Click the "removal all" button to clear this history and cookies your computer is saving.

Check in with your bank and ask about their security policies. If you have any doubts about your online safety, be sure to bring it up with them. All websites processing sensitive or private information should have a number of online safeguards. Check for these before entering any personal information.

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