What Degree Do You Need to Be a Music Producer?

degree-need-music-producer Credit: Jordan Chesbrough/E+/Getty Images

A degree is not needed to work as a music producer. Many universities offer music degrees that help aspiring students get connected with industry professionals.

A music producer should have a natural ear for high-quality music. Producers work with artists to record and sell records. There is not a university degree that prepares a person for the chaotic music industry.

Earning a music degree with an emphasis in business may prepare most students for the job. Many music programs offer courses in recording technology, ethics, electronic music, and composition studies.

The benefit of earning a degree is the access to potential employers through internships. Music internships show interns how a record is produced from start to finish. Music internships are difficult to obtain without the proper association, and that is why having university connections may make it easier for students to get their foot in the door.

According to many music producers, they have never been asked if they have a degree upon being offered a job. Music producers require qualities that a university education cannot teach. Music producers need a strong work ethic, and they need to have fantastic networking skills. No degree in the world can teach those qualities.