What Is the Definition of "dual Career Family"?

definition-dual-career-family Credit: Cultura RM/Frank and Helena/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

A dual-career family is a family in which both parents have careers. The term is typically only used for those who work away from home, and it does not include those who at home. The jobs are also usually careers with advancement goals rather than temporary work.

Relationships in which both partners have an outside career are increasingly common, even among couples with children. This is becoming more commonplace due to more women entering the workforce and the need for a double income to support a family or preferred lifestyle. There are benefits and drawbacks to this type of family and work style that affect each couple or family differently.

It is important for dual-career couples to discuss career desires and goals so that they are both on an even playing field, and sometimes couples change their minds about being dual-career families as the drawbacks weigh on them or their life goals change. Financial stability is one of the most important benefits since a dual-income provides for increased financial freedom. Relationship satisfaction is also typically high since career-oriented individuals have a lot in common.

One of the major drawbacks is the possibility of making severe career sacrifices. For example, if one partner receives a job offer in another part of the country but the other has a good, stable job in the couple's current location, then one of the individuals has to make a sacrifice. Balancing work and personal life is also a potential drawback, especially if the careers are very time-consuming.