What Are Some of the Defining Characteristics of the Human Services Profession?


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Defining characteristics of the human services profession include dedication to helping people and organizations perform at their optimal levels and the implementation of interventions to assist clients in becoming happier, healthier and more effective. Some examples of jobs with the human services profession include case workers, child welfare workers, public policy analysts, addiction counselors and child life specialists

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Case workers focus on helping disadvantaged individuals access governmental and nonprofit services that can assist them in becoming more self-sufficient and remove barriers to their functioning. Child welfare workers are responsible for the safety of children and work to improve family relationships and environments and keep families intact if possible.

Public policy analysts are human services professionals who conduct and analyze the results of research on how successful public policies are in improving communities. Drug and alcohol counselors focus on helping people who struggle with addiction and repairing relationships within families that have been impacted by substance abuse.

Child life specialists often work in hospitals and are responsible for helping families with children who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions that require extensive treatment. Child life specialists help children cope with understanding their illnesses and adjusting to living in a clinical setting.

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