How Do Define What Your Profession Is?

A professional should define his profession as a career that he becomes competent in through formal training. Most professions are governed by a professional body that requires each member to engage in continuing education in order to maintain his skills. A professional must always behave ethically with the sole purpose of protecting the interests of the public. Examples of professionals include doctors, lawyers and teachers.

A profession is an occupation that allows an individual to acquire expertise in a field of interest in order to help people solve problems. Certain professionals are required by law to be members of a professional body. Such professions usually require a licence to practice. However, not all professional bodies are strictly regulated or require membership. While some professions may not have a compulsory requirement for membership in a professional body, it is advisable to join such a body for its numerous benefits. In some cases, membership in a professional body may increase one's income significantly. Professional organizations usually provide their members with support for continuing education by creating learning opportunities. They also provide networking opportunities for professionals to interact with their peers and share ideas. Some professional organizations provide opportunities for members to distinguish themselves by becoming chartered members.