How Do You Define "feature-Benefit Selling"?

define-feature-benefit-selling Credit: Sean Gallup / Staff/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images

Feature-benefit selling highlights the practical uses of a product by explaining how each feature improves daily life or business operations for the user, says Geoffrey James for Inc. magazine. Consumers search for products that add value and convenience to their lives. Marketers develop strong selling points by researching their audience and finding out the value consumers hope to get from a product.

Feature selling emphasizes the basic attributes of a product. For example, a tablet PC advertisement may list the device's size. Benefit selling tells consumers how those attributes deliver results, says Laura Clampitt Douglas for Entrepreneur magazine. In the tablet example, a handheld size lets users carry the device anywhere by hand or in a bag without feeling weighed down. The consumer benefits by having strong computing power in a small device and unhindered access to personal content, such as email, entertainment media, business files and schoolwork.

Sellers should focus on benefits when consumers have not decided whether to make a purchase, Mark Stiving points out on However, features become critical selling points when consumers are choosing between different versions of the same product type. For instance, a consumer who frequently watches video media may prefer a tablet with a larger screen size and sharper display resolution.