How Do You Decline a Job Interview?


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When declining an invitation for a job interview, respectfully express the withdrawal of application without offending the employer. Rejecting the invitation in a professional manner allows the possibility of applying to the company on other occasions.

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Respond to the interview offer at your earliest convenience, even if the job is no longer desirable. A phone call is typically the most appropriate way to cancel an interview because it allows the exchange of feedback and prevents miscommunication. Voicemails or email messages are acceptable if the interviewer cannot be reached otherwise, or the interview isn't scheduled anytime soon. Promptly declining the offer is respectful, as it doesn't delay the employer from finding the right candidate.

Job seekers turn down offers because of conflicts of interests, changes in priorities or opportunities with better prospects, among other reasons. Regardless, rejecting job interview offers must not involve disclosing personal opinions or negative remarks that could offend the interviewer. If the interviewer insists on an explanation, reasons such as discontinuing the job search or accepting another job are acceptable.

Don't forget to be courteous during the conversation or message. Maintain a professional character by expressing gratitude for being given the chance to be interviewed, and show regret for rejecting the opportunity. Preserve a healthy relationship and reputation with these companies so that their offers may still be available if other opportunities don't work out.

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